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This is my personal website. Please note that my lab website is not available yet.
Below, you will find an overview of my past research achievements and interests.

Evolutionary proteomics in yeasts


Using Saccharomyces budding yeast species as models, I studied the evolutionary processes that modify protein interaction networks. I looked especially at the ways in which they diverge between closely related species and are reshuffled in interspecific hybrids.

In the two related, but reproductively isolated, species S. cerevisiae and S. kudriavzevii, I found the experimental evidence that protein complexes that perform essential cellular functions are highly conserved between species, despite extensive protein divergence, and remain unperturbed in hybrids. 

Using genomic and proteomic data available for these two species, and the powerful Protein-Fragment Complementation assay technology to measure protein-protein interactions (PPIs) in vivo, I showed that protein divergence was counterbalanced by the high conservation of a few protein residues involved in PPIs and that the few PPI differences we did observe between both species were likely due to amino-acid divergence in these residues.

This study will shed light on a new level of molecular mechanisms underlying cellular disorders, such as cell proliferation or apoptosis, with potential applications for human medical research.

Link: Labo Landry - Université Laval, Québec (Canada)

  • Rochette S*, G Diss*, M Filteau, J-B Leducq, AK Dubé & CR Landry (2015) Genome-wide protein-protein interaction screening by Protein-fragment Complementation Assay (PCA) in living cells. Journal of Visualized Experiments (97) e52255 [online] [pubmed]

  • Diss G*, M Filteau*, L Freschi*, J-B Leducq*, S Rochette*, F Torres-Quiroz* & CR Landry (2013) Integrative avenues for exploring the dynamics and evolution of protein interaction networks. Curr Opin Biotechnol 24(4): 775-783 [pdf] [pubmed]

  • Leducq J-B, G Charron, G Diss, I Gagnon-Arsenault, AK Dube & CR Landry (2012) Evidence for the robustness of protein complexes to inter-species hybridization. PLoS genetics 8(12): e1003161 [pdf] [pubmed]

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